Sophie Light and Love

Our beloved Sophie left this earth on November 8, 2013. Her loving light surrounds us and can be found in the space of your heart, always. We invite all those who knew and loved her to share thoughts and memories on this memorial website. We also invite you to watch a beautiful film she made, set to the song “All Wash Out.” Please watch this wonderful gift she gave to us, and leave a message in the space below.

49 Responses to Sophie Light and Love

  1. Bhala says:

    Such a beauty, a testament to her parents love. I did not meet Sophia, until I just watched the video; a beautiful legacy of a beautiful woman who seemed to be one with nature and the power of the universe.
    Jack and Cait, no words are enough, but you have been in my thoughts and prayers since Nov ’13.

  2. Zoe says:


    I didn’t get to know you the way so many of our Prague friends did, but the encounters I did have with you are all special in some way. I still think about you often, especially lately. I’ve written lyrics about it, and sometimes I just talk to Wali (who loves to talk about you), but this time I felt like I could write something here.

    You really could not have imagined how you changed the lives of the people you knew, they all love you so much.

  3. Emily Garibaldi says:

    Missing you a lot Soph. I wish you could tell me all about your after life. Love you forever.

  4. Celeste Gottfried says:

    So intensely exquisite. Thank you. Love, (the other) Celeste.

  5. Sarah Boland says:

    This brings joy to my heart & tears to my eyes. Thank you Celeste <3

  6. Jacqueline Logan says:

    Beautiful Celeste… Simply beautiful…

  7. Juliemy says:

    Hello, my name is juliemy’m from sao paulo, Brazil. so I would say that she could touch the heart of all of us and it is today as an inspiration to my life, know that your story today is known throughout the world and that all carry the love of her gaze.
    sorry my bad english….
    with love

  8. David Hertz says:

    How can someone have been so beautiful (in all possible ways)?
    Rest in peace, Sophia.

  9. Sarah says:

    I did not know Sophie. I saw her video on Facebook, posted by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. I watched the video, and was instantly mesmerized by her beauty and spirituality. I can’t stop thinking about her, and I don’t even know her. If she touched my heart this easily through a video, I can’t even imagine how amazing she was in person. I am so sorry for your loss. Her beauty and spirit will live on through her art she leaves behind.

  10. Celeste Makoff says:

    Sophie never believed in writer’s block. We always talked about how if you just started writing, let it all out and kept on going, eventually non-sense would turn into sense. On the day my heart broke, and we all lost this beautiful girl, I didn’t know what to do with myself. None of us did. So I did what I knew Sophie would tell me to do, and I started writing. I just wish she was here to edit it with me.

    Here’s what I wrote:

    The beauty. Fast asleep next to her best friend. So fast, so young. The life behind her beautiful eyes. Soft skin, and fragile hands. Sitting next to you, sitting with you, for hours. Talking in circles, dreaming of dissonance. Living recklessly and safely with one another at the same time. Dreams of the future, someday living together. What she was doing, what she was going to do, stayed at my apartment this summer, cuddled in my bed, made coffee in my kitchen, wrote at my desk. She left some objects behind. Some of them I wondered if I wanted to give back, or if she wanted them back at all. We shared these things, these spaces, these habits, the same anxieties we shared and coped. And I always called her when I was in need because I knew she’d understand. She always would. She would drop everything in a heartbeat for any one of us if we truly needed her. And I need her. I need you Sophie. Stay with me. Stay in my hand, my mind, my laugh and cry, every line that I write. Your dreams, your dreams. Live them through me. Watch Sophie, I will try my best to carry your dreams for you – the dreams that were so fleeting, but so bright.

  11. Sophie Hagan says:

    Hi Sophie 😉 I remember we would use our name in every single text or message we sent each other. It was our thing. And I’m blessed and proud to say that we connected on so many other things, too. It’s funny because I only got to know you for about a year, but we quickly got close, and in such a great way. Everyone I’ve spoken to who knew you has emphasized one thing: there was something so genuine about you. It was so admirable, and it manifested itself in the small things and the big things you did. Soph, it doesn’t feel real to have lost you and we all miss you so much. But your spirit is too strong and too vibrant to fade away. I know you will be with us forever. Love you Soph – you always had the best shoes!

  12. Emily Garibaldi says:

    From afar***

  13. Emily Garibaldi says:

    Hey Soph,

    Thanks for visiting Mackie and I last night in my dream. We were in a train station – in Europe I’m assuming – and I just saw you from and ran to you and hugged you until I woke up. Mackie was saying how she had just had lunch with you, like you’d never left. I wish it was real. I miss you so much Soph. Love you forever.

  14. Carla Newman says:

    I have been trying to find words to express how I am feeling about your loss. Words have been failing me. Seeing you both last night was wonderful. You are carrying yourselves with such strength and dignity. To attend a memorial to Sophie, who I am sorry to say I did not know very well, made me feel a lot closer to her and helped me to understand the kind of person she was. Every parent hopes and dreams that their children will grow up to not only be productive members of society but to SHINE. Sophie shined! She had such depth, character, talent and love within her. Everyone who came in contact with her knew this. Isn’t that the most important thing? She made her mark in her too short life. An indelible mark that will never be erased. There is no understanding or comprehension of the why. Instead there is understanding and comprehension of what her purpose was while she was here.
    I leave you with words from the James Taylor song Secret O’ Life that some how reminds me of Sophie:

    The secret of is enjoying the passage of time Any fool can do it There ain’t nothing to it Nobody knows how we got to The top of the hill But since we’re on our way down We might as well enjoy the ride

    The secret of love is in opening up your heart It’s ok to feel afraid But don’t let that stand in your way ‘Cause anyone knows that love is the only road And since we’re only here for a while Might as well show some style Give us a smile

    Isn’t it a lovely ride
    Sliding down
    Gliding down
    Try not to try too hard
    It’s just a lovely ride
    Now the thing about time is that time
    Isn’t really real
    It’s just your point of view
    How does it feel for you
    Einstein said he could never understand it all Planets spinning through space The smile upon your face Welcome to the human race Some kind of lovely ride Sliding down Gliding down Try not to try too hard It’s just a lovely ride

    The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time…

    My thoughts and love are with you

  15. Sue Morton says:

    Sophie, honey…
    You grew into such a BEAUTY FULL young lady! I feel so blessed to have known you – to meet you when you were just wee when I worked with your dad at MBF for a bit – and then to watch you grow up as I became an integral part of TBS – so so lovely you are. And obviously so so loved are you also! My heart is full thinking of you, my smile warm – Godspeed.

  16. Tisha Shull says:

    Beautiful girl, so full of grace and light. The last time I saw you was on the street in Burlington, you ran up and gave me a hug, because that’s who you are. You told me about how excited you were to begin taking a film class here in Burlington – because of your dream to be creative and your inclination with film.
    Last night, all of my dreams were about you, they were like your films, bright, beautiful, joyous and thought provoking. It made me feel so honored to see you in the dream world and to be able to watch your films, as if to be really clear that your energy, your light and your gifts will always persist. It is a complete and wonderful honor to have known you Sophie, and I am grateful for you, and your gentle, inspired way.
    Here is a poem by Rilke which you may or may not like – because you lived so gracefully and deliberately, but here it is anyway….

    The Swan

    This clumsy living that moves lumbering
    as if in ropes through what is not done
    reminds us of the awkward way the swan walks.

    And to die, which is a letting go
    of the ground we stand on and cling to every day,
    is like the swan when she nervously lets herself down

    into the water, which receives her gaily
    and which flows joyfully under
    and after her, wave after wave,
    while the swan, unmoving and marvelously calm,
    is pleased to be carried, each minute more fully grown,
    more like a queen, composed, farther and farther on.

  17. Hilary says:

    This young woman whom I did not know has such a superior beauty and wisdom about her that it makes me think that she is just where she is supposed to be. I am feeling blessed to share in her life and film. It touched me deeply and has left an imprint on me. blessings to her family.

  18. Kaya Yurieff says:

    Hey Soph,

    Being at your memorial yesterday was so surreal. There was so much love in that room. I cried. I laughed. I felt hollow. I felt full. I felt amazed. I felt sad. But most of all I felt lucky that you were a part of my life and I felt proud of everything you accomplished in such a short time.

    All the Bellwether girls sat together and it was so strange… It was as if you were supposed to be there with us. You were like an older sister and mentor to all of us and as we looked at the slideshow we came to the conclusion that we all went through extremely awkward stages except you.. You were always full of poise, grace and beauty. Remember my Harry potteresque glasses? (like why..) thanks for still being my best friend in those days.

    Even at age 10 you had such talent and vision. You always had such a passion for making movies. I’ll never forget running around in your backyard and you making us blow bubbles cause it looked cool on camera. And then watching you edit everything. You were always so artsy and we all wanted to be like you, especially me.

    Every Wednesday my Dad and I would come over for satsang and you and I would hang out in your basement playing with American Girl Dolls or watching Friends (which was entirely inappropriate for our age for sure) I remember watching the series finale with you and being so sad it was over, thinking it was the end of the world. I feel so honored that you invited me to your ashram one weekend. That’s something I’ll cherish forever and always remember.

    It always cracked me up how many times you legally changed the spelling of your name. You’ll always be Sofi with an F to me…

    Sophie means wisdom and throughout the memorial crows were flying by the windows. At the end, someone stood up and said that crows are the wisest of all birds. I know you were there watching over us, flying as free as those birds.

    Thank you Sophie for being my friend, my big sister, my director, my co-anchor and most of all just for being you. Thank you for a million memories and when I think of my childhood memories every single one involves you in some way. Thank you for being a part of my life.

    It’s impossible to accept that you’re gone but I know that you’re in a beautiful, peaceful place watching over all of us always.

    I love you Sophia Lorraine and you’ll live in our hearts forever.

  19. Jennifer Luna Pedersen says:

    Hi kiddo,
    You are my very first memory of VT. I remember you giving me the biggest first-hug I’d ever gotten, and knowing right then and there that everything in VT would be OK. Little did I know how quickly and how much I’d come to love you. It didn’t take long until we’d just go along with it, when people asked if we were sisters. And that’s how I’ll always think of you. I could have never wished for a sweeter, more caring little sister to share my year in Vermont with.
    I knew you were bound for greatness, Soph.
    with your mind, heart and arms wide open you took on the world.
    always sparkling – even during difficult times. shining your contagious smile. Now, I see you glowing in the stars. In the first snow this year. Everywhere. You’ve changed shape, but live on.
    The meaninglessness of your death is consoled, a little bit, by how much meaning you brought to life. Your own and those around you. I rejoice in thinking about how much light and love you spread during your life. You planted so many seeds all around you, which will continue to grow and blossom, forevermore.
    The room radiated with love yesterday at your memorial service. I think everyone will find strength in the courage your parents showed.
    If only love could have saved you – you never would have left us.
    I feel overwhelmed by how blessed I was to get to know you, Sophie. You have forever changed me. There will forever be a Sophie-shaped hole in my heart. And in the world. But – the perfect remains.
    Thank you for every-single-thing, Soph.

  20. Jeanne Nandadevi Smith says:

    Dear Sophie Lorraine Nitya,
    We do not know why you had to leave so soon.
    Only God and you know that.
    Without a doubt, you are the Light!

    Your video is a gift. Well done, goddess Nitya!
    I shared it with and Siddha Yoga friend of mine and this is what she had to say:
    ” ( the video) captures her innocence, her beauty, her spiritual understanding, her joy, her bliss. An adventurer, model, nature lover, dancer, wise yogini, artist, free spirit, mystic…”
    Love you, dear One!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I only knew Sophia for a short time. But every interaction left an imprint. It was clear she was one of the good ones. Life blooms and fades and we become callous to it to protect ourselves, but there was something about Sophia that hit my core. A mix of talent, kindness, and beauty that makes thinking of her passing hard to bear. I probably did not know her well enough to feel this way, but she was special. And while the unfairness that such a special person was taken so early makes it hard to breathe, the knowledge that we live in a world where she had the the chance to exist gives the next breath meaning.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, I’m sorry that someone so young and full of potential was taken too soon. But I’m grateful for the gift you received, that you were able to create such a wonderful person, who left an impact to last a lifetime in no time at all.

  22. Tisha Shull says:

    Beautiful girl, so full of grace and light. The last time I saw you was on the street in Burlington, you ran up and gave me a hug, because that’s who you are. You told me about how excited you were to begin taking a film class here in Burlington – because of your dream to be creative and your inclination with film.
    Last night, all of my dreams were about you, they were like your films, bright, beautiful, joyous and thought provoking. It made me feel so honored to see you in the dream world and to be able to watch your films, as if to be really clear that your energy and you light and your gifts will always persist. It is a complete and wonderful honor to have known you Sophie, and I am grateful for you, and your gentle, inspired way.
    Here is a poem by Rilke which you may or may not like – because you lived so gracefully and deliberately, but here it is anyway….
    (Also, I changed the masculine to the feminine)

    The Swan

    This clumsy living that moves lumbering
    as if in ropes through what is not done
    reminds us of the awkward way the swan walks.

    And to die, which is a letting go
    of the ground we stand on and cling to every day,
    is like the swan when he nervously lets herself down

    into the water, which receives her gaily
    and which flows joyfully under
    and after her, wave after wave,
    while the swan, unmoving and marvelously calm,
    is pleased to be carried, each minute more fully grown,
    more like a queen, composed, farther and farther on.

  23. Corey N Gottfried says:

    Dear Sophie…I only knew you for what seemed like a few moments, however…in those moments, you clearly lived a life of graciousness, showed a passion for your pursuits and extended love to the people closest to you that truly knew they were loved, by you. I am a better person for knowing you, even for just a few moments. You will forever remain in the hearts and souls of the people who loved and respected you. Here’s to you, Sophie…

  24. Jennifer Alleruzzo says:

    We feel exactly the same! I hope Sophie and Lorraine are watching over us!!

  25. Jennifer Alleruzzo says:

    Sweet Sophia,
    My heart is broken. I’ve watched videos of you and grandma Lorraine many times since you have been taken from us! I’m sorry that the last time I saw you that you were only a little girl. You were a bright light even as a young girl! You will always be missed. Your cousin Sara who is 9 now says she sees you in every rainbow…she says she knows she is safe when she stands under your colors….I think we both know her new favorite song …we love you so much!!! We will miss you everyday xxoo

  26. Haley Weiss says:

    Soph, you are truly the greatest person I have ever known. I try every day to be more like you. You have made me a better person, and in your absence you continue to. You are the most genuine, kind soul and you had an uncanny ability to make everyone around you feel loved and at ease. You were always my greatest advocate, and continue to be my greatest inspiration. You pursued your love of film without hesitation, always remaining open to others about your art.

    Whenever I feel too far from you, it may be crazy, but I look at my veins. I know that somewhere in there our shared blood pulses through me. I remember our late night talks on your fire escape, our wine nights, and our city explorations walking arm-in-arm. I wish more than anything there could be more of those days and nights. Life didn’t allow us that luxury, and so I treasure every moment I was able to spend with you.

    I think of you constantly. Every time I pass your old apartment, enter Tisch, hear a song we both loved, or just when I wish I could tell you something. There are so many things I wish I could tell you. It seems cruel that you were taken so soon. I try to imagine you as still living your dream in Prague, and that one day you’ll come back with your life’s work, all on 35mm film.

    Living a life without you seems impossible. The most difficult thing to accept is that the rest of the world is missing out on you. To me, New York City will always be a monument to you— your kindness, talent, drive, love, grace, intelligence, beauty, and charm. You are an inspiration to us all, and the world is a little less bright without you here.

    I love you dearly cous, and hope to be reunited with you one day. The sky, the largest screen of them all, is yours now.

  27. Emily Garibaldi says:


    A day hasn’t gone by thus far where I haven’t thought about you. It is still just so hard living on this floor right across the hall where you were. Its just like people say: grief comes in waves.

    You’ve given me so many things that I’ll always be thankful to you for. You brought me so close to people I never thought I would be friends with. You made me realize how much I should not worry about the little things in life, but instead enjoy everything while I can. And finally, you helped me realize my own weaknesses and inner demons, and gave me the strength to work on them.

    I’ll always think of you as the girl that held me in Budapest when I got a little too drunk while talking politics and started sobbing for no reason. You just accepted me and that’s the best thing anyone could ever ask for from a friend.

    I hope you know how much you have forever effected my life. I’ll never forget you and will always love you.

  28. Libby Davidson says:

    Sophie’s film is such a gift to all of us. I feel connected, through Cait, as we painted at Oakledge Park in Burlington, VT together, which looks like one of the spots where Sophie filmed in the rain. When we painted at Oakledge, it wasn’t raining, but we were surrounded by water and were all inspired by it, all interested in how we might portray those lovely gentle waves on our canvas and paper. My daughter was with us as well, and we all enjoyed learning from one another as we created. We all used different mediums, but came together to capture that moment, and here Sophie has captured it in yet another medium that will live on beyond her to touch others. Like ripples in the water, it will go out and out to the world, in gentleness and beauty, allowing us all to cry, and allowing the tears to be washed away, and inspiring us all to use our creative gifts to bless others.

  29. hugh hodgson says:

    Sophie’s light was young and did not spread far, but when it went out the world was darker.

  30. barbara says:

    beloved friends, I am beyond words, unable to write through tears, what a terrible sadness and loss for you, all of us. This beautiful light; what is the world without her?

  31. Mackenzie Berkman says:

    I have always loved looking up to the stars, it is one of the reasons why I always wanted to go to space –I want to see what the stars see. Each night when I look to the stars, I see you and I smile. You are, as Karel (the man who took us clubbing in Moravia) said, “in the Great Beyond.”

    I still cannot seem to find the words to properly thank you for all that you have given to me. Just know that I love you. I will always love you.

  32. Barney Logan says:

    God speed Sophie.
    Uncle Barn

  33. Lisa Lossong says:

    Dear Sophie,You will be forever in our hearts.We will be seeing you again..Until then
    rest well.Dear sweet spirit.

  34. Robin Marks Donohue says:

    Jack and Cait..
    I have nothing so profound to say, but you’ve been on my mind and in my heart since I heard the news of your beautiful Sophie. When we last saw each other at Marion and Shel’s party, I left feeling especially happy to have seen you. I have wonderful memories of being together when we were little which makes me feel even sadder that I never had the privilege of knowing Sophie very well. I’ve watched her video again and again and it is amazing! She certainly seemed to have made the best of her short life. It looks like she brought spirit and light to everyone. I wish you peace as you try to understand this all. Sometimes there are no answers. I love you both!

  35. Campbell Dunsmore says:

    Having a fellow Vermonter in the city was always such a treat. I treasured the moments I would run into you on the street- my day would get a bit brighter every time I saw your infectious smile. When you asked me to be in your sight and sound film,
    I was elated. During the shoot I was so impressed by your directing. You had such a clear vision and did a beautiful job expressing it. The world will forever miss your exquisite filmmaking, and your bright and shining spirit. You are extraordinary, Sophie. Thank you for all you have given all of us.

  36. Lonner says:


    You introduced me to one of my best friends and brought me closer to some of my best friends all in one weekend. It was truly amazing. We had no budget (in typical student fashion) it was 20 degrees on a beach and we were wearing t-shirts, you made what should have been a miserable weekend an incredible bonding experience. We all miss you. Thank you for helping me bring my words to life. The next one is for you.

  37. Rolph Fernandes says:

    thanks for leaving us this beautiful video of our sister the rain. I will certainly think of you when it rains (we expect tomorrow in chrystals, ice). It will make us feel somewhat soothed. Enjoy the Peace and the Light in your new home and rain down blessings on your wonderful parents. With love to you and family, Rolph

  38. Arif Al-Yousfi says:

    Dear Sophie, You were the first person I met in New York. You were always so filled with energy that overflowed into all of those around you. When I made a Doctor Who joke, your roommate and the others with us look at me like a weirdo and snickered, hoverer you genuinely laughed and smiled.
    You made me feel accepted in this massive, anonymous city, like I was sone one.
    One of my biggest regrets was to let one of them get in between our friendship and how I truly wish we were able to become closer friends and had worked together my times in the future. I guess that shan’t happen any more and that pains me beyond belief.
    I miss you, Sophie, and I hope you are in a better place and still making beutiful images on that silver screen!

  39. Jessica Powell says:

    You’re in our hearts forever Sophie. I hope sooner or later we will cross paths, and if we don’t, I promise your memories will live in us all. May your journey be fulfilling sweet girl. I’m still dancin’ with ya Soph!

  40. Melody Sohayegh says:

    ‘The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are all connected.’
    Soph has one big beautiful soul that has touched many others in many beautiful ways.

  41. Jenna Gelenberg says:

    Sophie and I really bonded last year in our acting class, when we had an emotional, final scene together. Our assignment was to get to know each other outside of the classroom and I am so glad that the two of us were paired off. Our trips to Soho “in character” were so much fun, and I was really able to see Sophie’s fun loving, energetic, positive personality, if only for a short while. I’ll never forget singing to “put your records on” … just the two of us. Over and over. Our characters were sisters, and after a few hours with her, I really felt that sisterly connection. I don’t think I would’ve felt that with just anyone. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, a better friend, throughout my entire Sophomore year here. I’m so thankful that our lives crossed paths. Sophie, you are greatly missed.

  42. Ali Kolbert says:

    Sophia, you were a light in the room, and you will be deeply missed.

  43. Jason Filmore Sondock says:

    Soph you were the first friend I made at NYU and together we made a lot of work and a lot of memories. To know that you are no longer here is surreal. There are so many things I wish I could’ve said. You are the reason for all of this and you will never leave my thoughts.

  44. Will Havercroft says:

    Sophie was one the first friends that I made in Tisch, and one of the most dedicated filmmakers I have ever met. I transferred from LSP and didn’t know a single person when I first stepped into the building. I had been introduced to her by a close friend, and was texting her the entire day before. If there was one thing that anyone could know about Sophie, it was that she was a sweetheart. She made me feel infinitely better about transferring, and helped me every step of the way. If I ever had a question, or ever needed a friend to talk to, Sophie was there. I still can’t believe that she’s gone, and I can’t help but think of all the movies that won’t be made in her absence. Sophie was one of the most creative, and unique people I have ever had the pleasure to work with in Tisch. She will be greatly missed, and I’m proud to have called her my friend. I will always remember Sophie as the creative, brilliantly intelligent, and amazing filmmaker she was. She will live on through the thoughts and memories of her friends and loved ones forever. Rest easy Soph, you will always be remembered.

  45. Laura Logan says:

    brilliant and beautiful young lady. that video is magical. I remember meeting her at the wedding. she was grace and radiance, beyond her years. you are all in my prayers. may you find a measure of comfort in faith, family, friends and knowing you will be together again. Love never dies.
    with my heartfelt sympathy, laurie (celeste’s aunt)

  46. Michele DeMoske-Weiss says:

    I of course knew Sophie, but I truly knew her through my daughter Haley. They met at Aunt Carla’s wedding as children and in a few minutes were fast friends. Time and distance changed that until they both became students at Tisch, NYU. These glorious young girls were becoming great friends. As a mother of one of these glorious girls, I can’t imagine the loss of one. No mother or father can. This wonderful young woman, so full of talent, joy, life, no one should ever lose that. So Cait and Jack I am sure you will revel in the fact you were part of Sophie’s brilliance, her extra special quality, her beauty inside and out, that almost inexpressible vibrancy that she contained. Know that there will be a lasting legacy in you, her many friends, and family’s memories. We will always be surrounded by her bright light.

  47. Sarah Boland says:


    Not a day goes by where I stop missing you.
    Not a night passes where your face fades away.
    Not a risk of adventure is regretted.
    Not a goal we’ve accomplished goes forgotten.
    Not a memory we shared is accompanied with displeasure.

    We met by art, which began with paint in a frame, that concluded with a masterpiece of friendship.
    We met by music, which began with lyrics in a song, that concluded with a metaphor of love.
    We met by souls, which began with affinity in a universe, that concluded with an understanding of family.
    We met by life which began with friends in an art room with a picture constructed by a frame inspired by music with lyrics in a song about two souls who have an affinity within this universe who were meant to paint a sung metaphorical masterpiece to represent an understanding of friendship, family, and love.

    You organized the chaos.
    You brought light into a room.
    You were the muse of my life.

    Give us all strength to fight on this planet without you.
    Give us all love to light the way through the winding paths on this earth without you.

    I am no longer afraid of being a lost soul to the abyss, because as soul mates we will soon meet again.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  48. Kari and Mark Schlossberg says:

    Jack and Cait,
    We are so incredibly sorry to hear about our amazing, beautiful, creative , and intelligent cousin Sophie. Sophie was full of life and happiness. I will cherish all of the time we spent together as a family. May you treasure all of your memories of Sophie and hold them in your hearts. Sophie lived a full life and was loved by all. I saw her “creative component” as early as the age of seven. I remember reading a story that Sophie wrote in second grade. It was approximately seven pages long. The detail and the fluidity was mesmerizing! It didn’t surprise me when she was accepted into New York University! She was a perfect fit. Sophie was truly a natural born storyteller, author, and filmmaker .She will always live in our hearts. We love you so much. You have our full support always.

  49. sarah sartipy says:

    When Sophie died the air thickened, the room swayed, we lost balance
    When Sophie died the phones rang and buzzed and pinged

    No one stopped the telling and no one said anything

    When Sophie died we came together, cooked food, talked to our children, told stories, looked at pictures
    When Sophie died we dared not stop talking and dared not say anything at all
    When Sophie died all those lessons and promises and rights and truths started crumbling
    Hearts all broken
    When Sophie died we asked why and didn’t question

    Then I remembered how Sophie lived

    When Sophie lived there were beautiful smiles, loving family, fields of green
    When Sophie lived there were American Girl dolls, beautiful dresses, dogs
    When Sophie lived there was music playing, cameras clicking, film rolling
    When Sophie lived there were airports, fancy luggage, trips to everywhere, the best hotels
    When Sophie lived she was surrounded by family and friends
    She gave light and beauty and art
    so I will remember when Sophie lived

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